Thoughts on My Upcoming EuroTrip

Thoughts on My Upcoming EuroTrip
Thoughts on My Upcoming EuroTrip

I now officially have under two weeks until I depart for Europe! The Saturday after next, I will be boarding a plane to Geneva, Switzerland…and I have no idea when I’m returning to the US.

I’m filled with such a mix of emotions! Obviously, excitement and anticipation are coursing through me, but there’s also a twinge of sadness when I remember what I’m leaving behind. In the moments when the realization that I’m finally leaving “hits me,” I find myself giggling, teary-eyed, and wanting to jump up and down all at the same time.

Despite my excitement, the fear-based part of my mind is coming up with “what if?” scenarios. “What if this wasn’t the right decision? What if I should’ve just gone straight to grad school? What if I should’ve bought a return ticket instead of a one-way? What if certain members of my family become ill or pass away while I’m gone? What if something “bad” happens? What if my friends back in America become angry with me for missing all the weddings, birthdays, births, and graduations? Worse, what if they forget about me?” When my mind starts going down this rabbit hole, I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and look inward. When I still my mind and really settle into myself, I realize it’s none of the things I listed above that actually scare me. What really scares me is loss of control…the elusive unknown. While I would guess that most of my friends would describe me as spontaneous, there’s still a part of me that grasps so tightly to this false sense of control.

Rigidity causes things to break, while flexibility allows things to thrive. While I am a believer in the Law of Attraction, I find it funny how we are convinced we have such control over life and try so hard to hold onto it. I have this visual of a person clinging tightly to the “stable” trunk of a tree, yet failing to notice that the tree itself is floating down a river. Going down the river of life is ineludible, but how we navigate it is up to us. We can either struggle against it by kicking up stream, or we can go with the flow.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s not to live by the “what if” scenarios. I constantly encourage friends to just leap and remind them that the Universe is there to catch them,  post inspirational Instagram photos telling others that things are being orchestrated on their behalf, and share Facebook statuses telling people to follow their dreams. Now, it’s my turn. It’s my turn to trust. It’s my turn to embrace the unknown. It’s my turn to leap into life!

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  1. I went through this several years ago. Set a reminder in your phone for 6 months to read this post back to yourself. You’ll realise all these worries were nothing.

    Safe journey :)

  2. I know exactly how you are feeling. I took that same leap a few years ago. I decided to move to Rome with no plan what so ever and honestly it was the best decision I have made. Good luck on your journey and enjoy the unknown!


  3. That’s exactly how I felt before taking off for Barcelona a couple years ago. I’ve definitely had to learn a lot about being flexible rather than rigid. Good luck on your adventures, and I can’t wait to hear about them!

  4. Trust me, we all miss you but I hope they think like me and are envious, sorta hating since we didn’t have the balls to do this ( even tho we all dreams of this) those of you that are saying no stop lying. I wrote a term paper in high school that had my closest friends and I buying silver tone guitars from JC Penneys and going to Italy and forming a rock & roll band. Seriously, lot of good that did me! Guys you are living so many of our dreams. Ok might not have been a term paper but I forget what they called them, like you guys remember. Just bring it home safe.

  5. I think pre-trip nerves are inevitable but the important thing is not to let your fears hold you back, which is what so many people do. My friends always tell me I’m so brave to travel alone but I like to think of that well-known phrase: “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time and look forward to following your adventures.

  6. Andrea, your posts on Instagram and Facebook are so inspirational and they ALWAYS brighten up my day. I too faced the same “what if” struggles when I traveled for my first time to New Zealand, especially after I was disowned by my brother for traveling. Would he ever love me again? Would I fail and be exactly what he said I would be? All of these kinds of thought took hold and tried to shake me off course, but I listened to my heart and went forth into the unknown. And ya’ know what? Things worked out. Sure, there were times of uncertainty and times I stumbled, but it was the most rewarding and enriching period in my life up until that point. It gave me a reason to smile and to live. With a gal like you with such a strong and open heart, it would be nigh impossible for your friends and family to forget you, and I am sure this upcoming (and AMAZING) journey will make those bonds stronger and inspire others.

    Rock on Andrea, and I am so excited to follow along your trip!

    • Aw, I really appreciate that.

      The “what ifs” can really get to us. Wow, that an experience with your brother. I’m sure that was really tough to handle.

      Props to you for trusting and leaping!

  7. what an inspirational post! I know how you’re feeling, but you just need to keep on going sis. Haters gonna hate, aite? They will always be left out with your story, not what you’ve been through.

  8. Just realized you had a travel blog, been following you forever on IG (as jacquiiiem) & I have a travel blog myself I just started… Needless to say I can already tell I’m going to love reading your posts! I admire your positive outlook on life :) x

  9. Those feelings are totally normal before an adventure like this. Everything works itself out and you end up having a ball! I hope you enjoy Switzerland, it’s an incredible country!

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