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Learning to Scuba Dive (Part 1)

Learning to Scuba Dive (Part 1)
Learning to Scuba Dive (Part 1)

As you may have read in my previous blog post, I recently got back from spending a blissful two and a half weeks in Florida! Though my original plan was to just go for a long weekend and get certified to scuba dive, I ended up extending my trip. (If you’re curious about how that came about, click here to travel back in time and read about it!)

I’ve been in Ohio for the past few months and decided I may as well get certified, before I head off on my next adventure. After calling Captain Rick’s Dive Shop, I found out I could get my instruction done in no time at all and then a group was taking a trip to Florida, for the open-water portion. I jumped on board (there’s a puns somewhere in there, ha) and began the process. Before long, I was on a plane, heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Highlights from Costa Rica

Highlights from Costa Rica
Highlights from Costa Rica

I’ve just returned from sixteen blissful days in Costa Rica. My friend and I met in San Jose and then took a journey to Manuel Antonio, Montezuma, Sámara, Nosara, and Arenal. I kept a record of the highlights of each day and now have added pictures! Read the rest of this entry

The Costa Rica adventure commences

The Costa Rica adventure commences
The Costa Rica adventure commences

Early yesterday morning, I sleepily pulled myself out of bed and boarded a plane for a sporadic trip to Costa Rica.  After the layover in Toronto, the flight lasted about five hours – not bad, considering that’s how long it took me to get to California! Despite having little sleep, my excitement didn’t allow me to rest at all on the plane. Read the rest of this entry

Highlights from California

Highlights from California

I have recently returned from my trip to California! I completely fell in love with the city and its people. The weather was perfect, the energy positive, and the experiences life-changing.

Highlights (in no particular order):

- Attending a service at Agape Spiritual Center
- Spending a day lounging on the beach
- Paddle boarding (& attempting to do yoga on said paddle boards)
- Having an absolute blast in a flight simulator
- Attending a recording session of an awesome jazz artist, Bianca Morales
- Taking my sister to her first comedy show
- Getting a behind the scenes tour of Warner Brothers
- Picking fresh avocados and oranges off my friend’s tree
- Watching the production of the music for Family Guy
- Hearing an awesome street musician with so much emotion in his voice (see video)
- Eating at Cafe Gratitude & other amazing raw/vegan restaurants!
- Hiking El Moro Canyon and eating raw food and meditating at the top
- Doing acro yoga in the park
- Hearing Yakov Smirnoff and Jack Canfield unable to control their laughter over Kyle Cease’s jokes!
- Harmonizing while sitting on the beach in Santa Monica
- Drinking so much delicious juice (Yes, this is a highlight…)
- Nearly missing my flight home!

The Game Changer for My Travel!

The Game Changer for My Travel!

Hello, wonderful people!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had some very exciting news…

I’ve recently been introduced to an awesome travel company. It’s been saving me a boatload of money on my travels around the U.S. and will be a great asset to me while I am abroad.

I’ll be sharing more about it soon! In the mean time, if you would like more information, shoot me an email at theadventurousandrea@gmail.com and I will get back to you shortly!