Starting My Life In Thailand

Starting My Life In Thailand
Starting My Life In Thailand

Hello, adventurers! I’ve been in Thailand since last Friday and I figured I should update you and what’s been going on.

Getting Here:

My trip began with spending a few days in Miami, Florida! I don’t know that I’ve written it on the blog, but I love meeting up with like-minded people through the app Instagram – if you’re on there, check out and add to #instagramfriendsunite! Actually, both places I stayed in Florida were through friends I made through it and I was able to meet some lovely new individuals during this trip.

After being dropped off at the airport in Florida, I was just full of anticipatory butterflies! But when I finally landed in Sweden, after the long first leg of my journey, I was quite exhausted. Because I hadn’t slept at all, I was completely ready to pass out for the majority of my flight to Bangkok…or so I thought! As fate (aka the two young Swedish girls who insisted on sitting next to each other) would have it, I ended up not have two side-by-side seats. Not to worry, I found a lucky guy who had a row all to himself and snagged one of his extra seats. Despite being so tired, my lack of plane-sleeping-abilities persisted and I got maybe three hours of rest for the whole 11 hour flight.

As you could imagine, I was quite disgruntled when I arrived in Asia and still had another six hour layover until I flew to Chiang Mai. Not having slept in over 30 hours lead to me doing the unthinkable – dropping one of my bank cards somewhere! Yeah, I know, pretty ridiculous. Things got even sillier a little bit later, when I went to board my flight to the north. I handed my passport to the woman at the counter and, after staring at the screen confusingly, she said it was booked for the 29th. I agreed and didn’t understand what she was getting at. It wasn’t until she said that was yesterday that I realized I had lost two days during my travels, not just one! Thankfully, I was able to quickly able to re-book my ticket and get to Chiang Mai…and a bed for a nap.

Being here:

I am pleased to say everything from there on out has gone smoothly! I stayed at a hotel for a couple nights, then booked a room in a hostel, but instead ended up Couchsurfing instead. After a few days of house hunting, I am now typing this post from my new apartment! My current roommates are a couple Canadians and Kiwi. At the end of the month, I will probably be moving into a gorgeous home (with a yoga room inside!), with a sweet Swedish girl.

I made multiple friends while in the airport and the trend has continued these past few days! I so love using social media to build my community of people and have been so grateful to my friends for linking me up with some amazing individuals living here.

Chiang Mai is totally exceeding all of my expectations! People had told me I would enjoy the vibe here and I really am. Between all the yoga studios, healthy restaurants, and markets full of beautiful goodies, I am in heaven. The traffic has been such a fascinating phenomenon to both observe and be part of. The best way to describe it is a chaotic flow. Though it appears to be completely crazy, it somehow manages to come together in a beautiful way. I’ve now been on the back of enough motorbikes that I’m starting to no longer find the weaving through cars and tuk tuks an oddity. Eventually, I’ll have to learn to ride one myself. That will definitely be an adventure!

(In case you didn’t see it on the ol’ Facebook page, this is my pre-trip thoughts about moving here!)

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  1. It’s awesome to have you as a roommate. You are very passionate, high energy and super easy going. I can see you doing big things in life. Btw I would love to pick apart your brain with this blogging thing when you get a chance. Great blog post and welcome to Chiang Mai.

  2. I’m actually visiting Thailand at the end of this month and someone recommended I check out your blog! I totally feel you on the getting lost via time zones and lack of sleep – I’ve done some crazy things too but I’m glad to hear you were able to rebook and recover. Also, my family is totally freaking out about my trip too so I can relate, I might actually send this to my mom to hopefully calm her nerves! Looking forward to seeing more about your new life over there!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    • Hi, dear! I am so happy to hear that you’ll be visiting this amazing country.

      Haha, yeah, families have a tendency to do that. Mine still has their moments, even though I’ve been here nearly half a year!

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