My Bittersweet Love Affair with Switzerland

My Bittersweet Love Affair with Switzerland
My Bittersweet Love Affair with Switzerland

I’ve fallen in love with Switzerland and now it’s time for me to go. I first laid eyes on the country three years ago and it was love at first sight. The snow-capped mountains, lush hills, and cities full of rich history captivated me. Though I only spent a few days in this beautiful land, I knew I had to return.

In August, I took my one-way ticket and came back to see if the initial thrill could turn into something more. Without a visa, I knew I would only have three months here, but figured that would have to do. I quickly settled into life in my little, Swiss village.

Every week that passed brought more experiences, more people, and more love into my life. Now that I’m preparing to leave this wonderful country, I feel myself wishing I had more time here. While I savored each vibrant sunrise, person I met, cuisine I tasted, wine I sipped, and laughter I shared…I want more! There are so many views I didn’t see, forests I didn’t explore, city streets I didn’t walk, and people I didn’t get to meet.

Just as when one wants to prolong time with a new lover, my mind has been filled with ways I could return here and continue my stunted romance. When I first arrived I was more reserved. It took time for me to open up, but now I want to explore this country fully. I want to know its flaws, strengths, nuances, and secrets. I want to learn its languages and memorize the city streets and mountain trails. But sometimes things aren’t meant to continue, at least for right now. Sometimes, the shortness of an experience is what makes it so sweet.

I’m sure when I’ve gone I’ll experience the common signs of romantic loss. I’ll sigh wistfully when my love is mentioned, I see a photo, or any random thing that reminds me of bygone times. I’ll long to hear the familiar lull of French-speaking voices (even though I rarely knew what anyone was saying), smell the scent of freshly roasted chestnuts wafting through the streets, and have my breath taken away by the beauty of the sun setting over Lake Geneva. But I know what will overpower this longing is the appreciation for having experienced all these things in the first place.

My romance with Switzerland so recently begun and now it’s quickly coming to a close. But as with all love affairs, if it’s meant to be, it will be…


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  1. As a long standing follower of your adventures I’m happy to see it has been such a incredible time for you.
    And surely it can only be a good thing if it leaves you wanting more?
    I look forward to your next adventure!

  2. I just spent three days in Switzerland on a whim and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. And the warm chestnuts were such a bonus. I hope your love affair brings you back there someday.

  3. Welcome back to the states in particular my town of NYC. i hope you’re ready for a great holiday season with your family and can’t wait to see your video of you surprising your family ;-)

  4. You’re lucky to have had an experience that’s so hard to leave. If you love it the much I’m sure you’ll return. I would ove to spend some time there one day. I’ve only changes planes in Switzerland!

  5. I understand completely – I just came home from my first holiday (to America – not the biggest culture shock, but still amazing) and I miss it dearly. I guess we can’t complain, it’s a nice thought to know we could love a place so much it hurts. The pain & beauty of a wanderlust heart.

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