Hipknoties Review: Convertible Travel Wear

Hipknoties Review: Convertible Travel Wear
Hipknoties Review: Convertible Travel Wear

When shopping, the main thing I look for in clothing is versatility. The two main reasons for this are saving space in my luggage and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Though many of us aren’t yet in the space to buy solely fair-trade, locally made items, there are little steps we can take toward that lifestyle. One such step is purchasing clothing that can be used multiple ways!

One multi-way product I came across this past year was Hipknoties. As soon as I saw the word “convertible,” I knew I needed to check it out. Though I own multiple pieces of multi-use clothing, I was still very curious about this one.   hipknotiesphoto

When I investigated more, I learned that the USA-made Hipknoties garments can be worn THIRTY ways! The brand, which has been featured on the Today Show and in Glamour Magazine, targets a diverse group of women and their mission is simple. They are “committed to inspiring & empowering women of all ages and sizes, by enhancing and simplifying their wardrobe experience with versatile, affordable and innovative garments & accessories, which complement all women’s figures and lifestyles.”

I was further thrilled when I spoke with the founder, Sarah Yonover, and she shared they that they are planning to release a small capsule of bamboo Hipknoties this coming April!

I bought my first Hipknoties earlier this year and it’s come with me on many adventures, throughout Europe and North America. It’s an absolute travel-fashion staple for me and I can’t imagine traveling without it!

How does it work? 

Basically, like putting your hair in a ponytail! When you purchase a Hipknoties, it comes with a  packet of clear bands. You use the bands to tie “knots” wherever you like. This means the garment’s sizing is quite customizable and allows it to be very flattering.

How can it be worn? 

Short Length -  Scarf, Wrap, Shawl, Bolero, Poncho, Vest, Top, Mini Dress, Skirt, Strapless, Halter, One Shoulder, Boat Neck, Children’s Dress, Casual, Office, and much more!

Medium Length - Scarf, Wrap, Shawl, Bolero, Poncho, Vest, Top, Dress, Skirt, Strapless, Halter, One Shoulder, Boat Neck, Sheath, Maxi Skirt, Casual, Office, and lots more!

Maxi Length -  Halter Maxi, Strapless Maxi, One Shoulder Maxi, Wrap Skirt, Bubble Dress, Formal Gown, Bridesmaid Dress, Halter, Style Vest, Maxi Skirt, Boat Neck Long Dress, Full Length Cocktail Dress, and so much more!


What’s it made out of?

Fabric is made from Rayon and Spandex (Dry cleaning or machine washing on gentle is recommended.)

Is it a worthwhile investment? 

Abso – freakin – lutely! Travel gear can often be pricey, but this is one item that is definitely worth investing in and is actually quite affordable, considering how many outfits it provides. Depending on the length, a Hipknoties is between $60 – $75. I’ll tell you one thing, having to pay for over-weight luggage just a couple times will cost you more than that!

If you’d like to get your own Hipknoties, just click here!


{Photo Credit: Hipknoties}


Disclaimer: Yep, it’s an affiliate link! But I purchased my first Hipknoties long before joining

their ambassador program and I will only advocate items I actually support. ____________________________________________________________________


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