Flattr: An Easy Way to Support the Content You Love and the Creators You Appreciate

Flattr: An Easy Way to Support the Content You Love and the Creators You Appreciate
Flattr: An Easy Way to Support the Content You Love and the Creators You Appreciate


FlattrAt some point in time, all of us have watched a video, listened to a song, or read an article that really resonated with us. When this happens, we usually share the content on some social media network, leave a nice comment, and reference back to the source occasionally. That’s all great, but have you ever wished your could easily support the content you love or show the creator that you appreciate her work? I’m excited to share with you a platform through which you can easily support all of your favorite online content – Flattr!

Flattr’s system allows you to give microdonations, which make it possible to support multiple creators with a simple click of a button. You choose your total monthly budget and at the end of the month, your donations are divided among all the people you flattr’d. Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Flickr are just a few of the places you can easily flattr creators you want to support (click here for a full listing).

The flip-side to giving out microdonations to your favorite creators is that you can also easily receive flattrs! Simply install a flattr button on your webpage and connect your Flattr account with the services you’re already using to spread your content (YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, etc.). Just like that, you’re opening your creative energy to the world and are ready to be flattr’d!

I’m a big proponent of sharing the love and supporting creative content. The beautiful thing is, everyone has a different idea of what “creative content” means! For some people, it’s hearing an original song for the first time and for others, it’s reading an article about a new software development. Although our tastes are so diverse, there is always someone who will see the creativity in your work.

So, get out there and start flattr’ing some stuff!


As you can see, there is now a lovely Flattr button below each of my posts. Feel free to share the love and support!


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      • I do too! It’s such a cool idea and I hope it catches on more.

        Personally, I just used their WordPress plugin option. I’m fairly sure you just add it to the code on whichever page you would like it to go. I can ask a friend who is installing it on one of his client’s sites, though.

        • Oh right, got it – thanks! Yeah, I hope it catches on too. Have you been active on it? I am on the site now and it really is a great idea. Here’s hoping more people use it! Thanks again!

  1. Wow, looks like a pretty cool service. This concept is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, so timely that your most recent post is about a service that facilitates it.

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