Find romance in all facets of life!

Find romance in all facets of life!

A lot of us have a tendency to expect our romantic partners to fulfill all of our needs. The thing is, it’s totally unrealistic to expect one person to do so! Take the pressure off of him/her and start finding romance, joy, and fulfillment in all facets of your life!

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  1. Great message, Andrea! Good reminder.
    I’ve found that the stronger your own centre becomes, the more things it will pull into your life and put them into orbit – Much like the sun does the planets and all of us. If you’re a warm, bright sun, people tend to love you for being you. The trick, I think, is, as you say, to find romance in many things – to fall in love over and over again with life itself. If we can pull that off, loving the people in our lives becomes so much more fulfilling. :)

  2. Wow :-)

    You put in words what I am living currently, which I was unaware of. Thank you Andrea for contributing to my mindfulness.

    I would not be fully happy by loving me only. I need romance I find outside of myself: in activities and mostly in people. I live with my partner which I love unconditionally, but I love many other people around me and that is ok. We share complementary connections and we are all one.

    I am convinced that this is a great illustration of the law of attraction.

    • Pierre, I love that you could resonate with this. It’s very easy to fall into a pattern of seeking fulfillment through another individual and it definitely takes mindfulness to break that pattern.

      I am so excited to hear how you start finding romance in life!

      Interesting- I hadn’t thought of it’s correlation to LOA.

      • Andrea, would you have a Facebook profile I can connect with?
        Id’ gladly share more with you, maybe after we return from out trip to the monks in Kathmandu next week.

  3. Finding romance aka ‘LOVE” in everything is the key to life! Great video! Love your blog!I hope are travel path will cross one day, would like you meet you and maybe make a cool video together.

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