An Unexpected Floridian Adventure

An Unexpected Floridian Adventure
An Unexpected Floridian Adventure

Hey, all! I just got back from spending two and a half weeks in Florida. Though I had planned to be in Fort Lauderdale for a long weekend of scuba diving, the rest of the adventure was quite unexpected…

Blissing out on the beach

Blissing out on the beach

The day before my flight back to Ohio, where I’m currently staying, I made an impromptu decision to visit a doctor in Miami. I hadn’t been able to hear out of my right ear for a couple of days and, though I had no pain whatsoever, I figured I should get it checked out. Thank goddess I did, because I ended up having an ear infection! The doctor said I couldn’t fly for at least seven days, otherwise the membrane would burst in my ear. (She also prescribed me antibiotics, which I begrudgingly took for ten days! I typically don’t even use medicines like Advil, so after taking that stuff, I’ve been popping probiotics and drinking kombucha like it’s my day job.)

Exploring the diversity of Florida

Shiva Vishnu Temple, Key Biscayne, and the art walk!

Anyway, though my extended trip was totally unanticipated, it was nothing short of AMAZING! The way the Universe opens up opportunities is so impressive. I was able to stay with wonderful friends the entire trip – thank you all again so much, I am grateful. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed Miami and had some seriously awesome experiences!

For much of the trip, I was surrounded by talented, musical beings. It was pure bliss! We danced, laughed, and made music each night, until the sun came to greet us. Growing up, my life was bursting with music and art. I was in a constant state of creation and, though I still appreciate those areas, it’s not an integral part of my life anymore (Stay tuned for a blog post on this topic!). Being around artistic people made me miss it and question why I let it go in the first place. While swiveling my hips to rhythms of Bollywood, letting music pour through my smiling lips, and clapping my hands to the beating of my heart; I was in harmony with life and those around me. After this experience, I have decided to really cultivate this area of my life again – so, artists around the globe, let’s create together!

Lush forest greens.

Lush forest greens. (Can you see me hiding in one of the photos?!)

During my time there, I also gained a greater appreciation for Latin cultures! With exception of an Indian friend, every other person I hung out with was from Latin America.  The diversity was fascinating – my friends came from Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Ecuador, Brazil, and Spain (this one sort of counts, right?)! I adored hearing stories of their traditions, experiences, foods, and lifestyles there. Though I was still in the US, the constant flurry of Spanish language and music made it easy to forget.

Snorkeling in Key Largo

Snorkeling in Key Largo

There was a beautiful spiritual and yogic element to my experience too. I attended my first official SUP yoga class, did acro-yoga in a park by the sea, and communed with talented yogis and yoginis for random yoga play. We also visited the Shiva Vishnu temple for the celebration of the appearance of Rama and went to see the breathtaking Jade Buddha.

Post-snorkeling yoga...on top of kayaks!

Post-snorkeling yoga…on top of kayaks!

Being in nature was so rejuvenating for me! Frolicking on the beach, splashing in the ocean, and basking in the sun was totally life-giving. As my Vedic astrologer friend explained to me, I have a deep connection to Mother Earth. I’d already known this about myself, but hearing it affirmed by the stars was pretty interesting. I can’t explain it fully with words, but when I’m not connected to Her – no matter if it is through the sea, a jungle, a river, or a forest – I feel disconnected from my life source. Little compares to experiencing the sun kiss my skin, the wind caress my body, and the earth’s electricity enter my body through my perpetually muddy feet! Living near the ocean, in the near future, will be so special for me. When scuba diving, snorkeling, and paddle boarding become regular activities, I will be one happy adventuress!


Sleepy, little tiger.

Oh…and did I mention that I spent an evening snuggling with a baby tiger?

I think there’s often a surface reason for things happening and then there’s the true, underlying reason. The surface reason I went to Florida was to get my scuba certification. The real reason was to meet the people and have the experiences I did. Suffice it to say, life is beautiful, sporadic travels are beautiful, and you people are beautiful!

Jade Buddha, a tiger, and yogis, oh my!

Jade Buddha and tigers and yoga, oh my!


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  1. It’s incredible how life throws these adventures our way. The ones least expected are often the ones that produce that best experiences.

    • I met two amazing beings through Instagram, yes! One of them, the man Kalki in the yoga photo, introduced me to many members of his spiritual community. We did yoga, saw the baby tigers, and visited the Jade Buddha. With my other Instagram friend, I went snorkeling!

      I came to Miami knowing one person. I stayed at his place for a week and, naturally, met a lot of his friends there!

      I also met another friend standing in line at my favorite restaurant, Choices Cafe!

      Lastly, there was one more person…who I’d met in the airport in Geneva, last fall!

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